I am a technology entrepreneur and senior software developer with 19 years of programming experience and 17 years of management and consulting experience. In addition to software architecture and development, I am experienced in information architecture, software project management, business planning, business analysis, digital strategy, online marketing, and more. I am comfortable working with companies of all sizes and stages, from developing the business plan for a startup to designing and developing a large custom back-office solution for a large corporation.

I like to get my hands dirty and I am constantly seeking to improve my skills. I am fanatical about optimizing myself to improve my productivity. I lead by example, setting clear expectations and then striving to exceed them. I expect my team to be motivated and skilled enough to keep up, and I am always pushing them to find ways to improve at every level. I have no use for blame or excuses.

I am passionate about creating great products and tools that make people’s lives better. I am fascinated by how technology has and continues to change our everyday lives, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

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Technical / Development

  • Responsive Web Development – 5 years / EXPERT
    Followed closely as media queries and other techniques become possible.
  • Javascript – 19 years / EXPERT
    Javascript has been part of my web development toolkit by necessity since I began making websites. I was animating elements in the days of DHTML and cross-browser compatibility libraries.  More recently I’ve used Javascript with the following platforms / libraries:

    • Node.js – 1 year / BEGINNER
    • Backbone.js / Marionette.js / Underscore.js – 3 years / INTERMEDIATE
    • jQuery – 6 years / EXPERT
    • I have used many other smaller tools, modules, libraries, and jQuery plugins as well, such as Bower, Openlayers, EvaporateJS, Fabric.js, etc…
  • HTML/HTML5 – 19 years / EXPERT
  • CSS/CSS3/SASS – 10 years / EXPERT
  • PHP -10 years / EXPERT
    I have worked with numerous php based CMS and ecommerce platforms. I have worked with the Zend framework, have some experience with Symphony, and does custom implementations / themes / modules for each of the following:

    • WordPress – 10 years / EXPERT
      I have developed dozens of custom WordPress themes and written or customized several modules.
    • Drupal – 6 years / EXPERT
      I have worked on several large Drupal implementations, including developing extensive custom modules in Drupal 7 for Pictoura.
    • Magento – 6 years / INTERMEDIATE
      I have implemented several Magento sites, including a large multi-store front implementation for Event Networks that involved several custom modules.
    • EZPublish – 2 years / BEGINNER
      CMS system used for amnh.org. I did some hands on coding with my team throughout the project, and participated in the developer training provided.
  • Server Configuration and Management – 17 years / INTERMEDIATE
    I am comfortable dealing with server configuration (Microsoft or Unix stack), and managing them as needed. I am not an expert at scaling and load balancing, but I have a lot of experience dealing with these issues in real world scenarios.
  • Ruby on Rails – 4 years / EXPERT
  • Elasticsearch – 3 years / INTERMEDIATE
    Used to power search on Pictoura.com, including complex geospatial / taxonomy / keyword search with freehand lasso filter and server side clustering of results.
  • Subversion/Git – 8 years / EXPERT
  • Test Driven Development – 6 years / EXPERT
  • Information Architecture – 15 years / EXPERT
    Primarily as it applies to web and app development.
  • User Experience Design – 15 years / EXPERT
    Extensive experience developing use cases, wireframes, and rapid prototypes, and conducting simple usability testing.
  • Software Architecture – 15 years / EXPERT
    I am comfortable with the process of requirements documentation, UML modeling, etc.
  • Continuous Integration – 4 years / INTERMEDIATE
  • Cloud Computing – 4 years / INTERMEDIATE
    Experience working with AWS, Brightcove, Rackspace Cloud, Heroku, and others.
  • ASP – 10 years / EXPERT
  • .NET / ASP.NET / C# / VB.NET – 10 years / Former EXPERT
    I spent the first decade of my development career mostly dedicated to the Microsoft stack. About 5 years ago I stopped maintaining this skillset.
  • Microsoft SQL Server – 10 years / Former EXPERT
  • MS Access – 10 years / Former EXPERT
  • MS Excel / Office VBA – 10 years / Former EXPERT
  • JSP – 2 years / BEGINNER
  • Oracle – 4 years / INTERMEDIATE

Technical – Management

  • Lead Developer – 17 years / EXPERT
    I excel at managing developers, whether they be remote or onsite. I enjoy mentoring and pair programming with my team, especially when dealing with difficult debugging challenges. I am very good at “un-sticking” a stuck developer.  I believe the ability to focus for extended periods of time is one of the most important attributes of a good developer, and I ensure that their environment makes this possible. I also enjoy sharing focus and productivity tips and helping my developers to implement them. While tools can sometimes help, the most important tool is the developer’s mind, and this must be properly prepared and cared for during the workday (and beyond) to ensure optimal performance.
  • Software Project Management – 17 years / EXPERT
    Well versed in traditional waterfall and agile methodologies, such as RUP and Scrum. Comfortable with creating and maintaining gantt charts, resource allocation, identifying critical paths, sprint planning, managing a backlog and conducting scrum meetings.


  • Content Strategy – 6 years / INTERMEDIATE
    Although I wouldn’t call myself a marketer, I particularly enjoy content strategy work. It combines the use of my analytical and data-organization skills with my online marketing knowledge and business process knowledge in interesting and challenging ways.
  • Web Analytics – 12 years / EXPERT
    I have worked with multiple analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics (Omniture), and Webtrends, as well as social analytics tools. In addition to the technical considerations such as how best to implement analytics in a site or app based on the business insights sought, I am also well versed in interpreting and analyzing the data generated. A/B Testing, funnel analysis, SEO opportunities and problems, etc…
  • Online Marketing – 9 years / INTERMEDIATE
    As co-founder of Dragon Search, an online marketing company, I developed signficiant knowledge and expertise in online marketing. In my role I specialized in pay per click and analytics, I worked with each of the teams (SEO, SMM) regularly and help to determine and define best practices for optimal results.
  • Online Advertising – 4 years / BEGINNER
    I am well versed in the jargon of the online advertising world, and experienced configuring and implementing Google’s DFP platform and OpenX, and have worked with advertising networks to deliver various types of ads from IAB Standards to custom image-recognition based ads.
  • Email Marketing – 5 years / INTERMEDIATE
    Strategy and implementation. Experience with MailChimp, Mandrill, and ExactTarget.
  • Search Engine Optimization – 10 years / EXPERT
    Comfortable creating and overseeing or executing an SEO plan. Solid understanding of keyword research, code and content optimization, use of multi media, back-linking, social media, and webmaster tools to maximize results.
  • Pay-per-click / Search Engine Marketing – 10 years / EXPERT
    I became an expert in PPC at Dragon Search as head of the PPC department. I am an Expert in creating and managing large and small campaigns, a/b testing, conversion funnel analysis, etc. Most of my experience is with major search engines on both the SERP and Content Networks, but I have some experience with social media PPC as well.
  • Social Media Marketing – 10 years / INTERMEDIATE
    I am fascinated by how social media can be used effectively to promote brands and products. I cannot claim expertise despite extensive experience due to the rapidly changing landscape. For instance I am comfortable with the differences between promoting a brand or product or event on Facebook vs Twitter vs Instagram, but I haven’t had much experience with Snapchat.


  • Managing Start-ups – 17 years
    Co-founder of three startups that achieved funding and/or revenue, two of which are operational today. Partner and key executive in two other businesses. Comfortable playing a role in any startup, whether bootstrapped or funded.
  • Business Analysis – 16 years
    Extensive experience analyzing and optimizing business processes within multiple industries. I have a strong understanding of how to understand a business need, articulate it to stakeholders, create a plan to address it, and implement that plan, whether or not it involves a software solution.
  • Business Development – 19 years
    Since I learned to create websites in the 90’s I have been selling my services. As I have progressed in my career I have developed my skillset in several ways over the course of my career.

    • Direct Sales
      At Oxclove Workshop I honed my direct sales abilities, personally accounting for more than half of the revenue generated at Oxclove (approx. $5M). At 33Delivered I led the pitch team, overseeing the development of all pitch decks and new business proposals, and leading new client contact. My team and I generated nearly $5M in business in 2 years.
    • Strategic Partnerships
      In each of my roles I have negotiated strategic partnerships focused on business development. I was single handedly responsible for developing the partnership with 33Delivered which lead to dramatically increased revenue for both businesses, and ultimately lead to 33Delivered acquiring Oxclove. Another example is the partnership between 33Delivered and VML/StudioCom, which lead to a steady stream of profitable creative and development work for 33Delivered and gave VML/StudioCom the ability to more easily handle project overflow.
    • Fund Raising
      At Pictoura I secured the seed money for the business, and lead the team that was responsible to find and pitch investors. I was responsible for developing the business plans and financials, preparing pitch presentations, managing the capital chart, and negotiating with investors. We have raised $1.5M in structured debt and equity financing.
  • Business Planning – 9 years
    Development of business plans, including financial projects backed by market research, go-to-market plans, operations plans, etc… The plan I am most proud of is Pictoura’s most recent version, available for review upon request.
  • Cross-Functional Team Leadership – 16 years
    From leading executive teams to working with creative and development teams across several time zones, multiple companies, and widely varying pay grades, I am comfortable working in and leading cross-functional teams of all sorts. I have first hand knowledge of what works and does not work when building and deploying groups of people that must work together to achieve a common goal in a business situation.
  • Digital Strategy – 16 years
    Combining marketing and technology to create strategies that will work in today’s digital world. I have advised companies from mom-and-pop local businesses to major cultural institutions and corporations on their digital strategy. At 33Delivered I worked closely with the CDO at the American Museum of Natural History to define a 5-year road map to make the museum more relevant to millennial. The plan dealt with consolidating control of website content technology in the newly created digital marketing department, content strategy and management, online marketing tactics, app strategy, and completely integrating the visitor’s smart phones into the exhibition spaces.

Selected Projects

Pictoura.com – GYDR™ (Pictoura)

Through a combination of big data tactics and one-on-one communication tools, we have created a platform to help travelers connect with the local guides and Travel Professionals (we call them GYDRs) most able to provide them with exactly the type of experience they are looking for. Responsible for defining requirements, business process and financial models, UX, overseeing design and creative and copywriting teams, and leading the development effort.

Skills and Technologies Used: Cross-Functional Team Leadership, Project Management, Social Media Marketing, Lead Developer, Responsive Web Development, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Backbone.js, jQuery, Git, Elasticsearch, Braintree Marketplace API, Brightcove Content API, Pusher API, Heroku.

Pictoura.com – Book Builder (Pictoura)

Pictoura’s Book Builder is a service that allows a customer to transform their photographs and travel stories into a custom printed coffee table sized book. Building a book on Pictoura.com is a matter of using simple drag & drop tools that place photos and text exactly where there are wanted. A customer can also automatically generate a book from a pre-existing Gallery or Travelogue on the Pictoura.com site. Of technical interest is the fact that this tool functions entirely in the browser and does not require the user to install any software. I was responsible for developing the requirements, user experience, and developing a partnership with Bridgeport National Bindery to provide custom and hand bound book printing on demand.

Skills and Technologies Used: Lead Developer, User Experience Design, Strategic Partnership Development, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Backbone.js, jQuery, Git, Node.js, Fabric.js, Heroku, Software Architecture, Project Management.

Pictoura.com – The World Gallery (Pictoura)

The World Gallery is a library of 50,000 images searchable by location or keyword or simply drawing on a map. All have extensive meta-data that enhance a traveler’s ability to choose travel options that suit them personally. The maps and photos are also incorporated into Pictoura’s various offerings.

Skills and Technologies Used: Cross-functional Team Leadership, Lead Developer, Software Architecture, Responsive Web Development, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Openlayers, jQuery, Git, Elasticsearch, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Project Management.

Souvinart™ Image Centers (Pictoura)

Souvinart is a product designed for retail. We sell canvas prints wholesale from the World Gallery, as well as a retail kiosk called The Souvinart Image Center, which produces souvenir canvas prints on demand in three popular sizes. After an image is selected at the kiosk, it is printed and ready in minutes using our own proprietary system powered by Drupal and Google Cloud Print.

Skills and Technologies Used: Cross-functional Team Leadership, Lead Developer, Drupal, jQuery, Google Cloud Print, Printer Driver Customization, Ubuntu, Shell Scripting, Distributed Deployment Management, Real Time Customer Service, Kiosk Design, WordPress, Project Management, Systems Architecture, Software Architecture.

The American Museum of Natural History: Collections (33Delivered)

Created for the American Museum of Natural History, this collection of native iOS Apps launch with Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs become the number one educational app in the world for several months after it’s release. I led the project, responsible for executing the entire project. Leaning on the patented mosaic generating technology provided by 33Delivered’s partner Mosaic Legends, I oversaw a team of developers and content researchers over the course of several months to bring the project to fruition.  There were several subsequent apps released on this platform.

Skills and Technologies Used: Cross-functional Team Leadership, Project Management, iOS Development, Information Architecture, User Experience Design, Software Architecture

City Harvest App (33Delivered)

Cross platform PhoneGap app that allows users to find the nearest restaurant the supports City Harvest. Integration with Open Table enables instant booking with a tip being given to support City Harvest at the time, enabled by LetGive. Received extensive positive media coverage and generated significant funds for City Harvest.

Skills and Technologies Used: Cross-functional Team Leadership, Project Management, Strategic Partnership Development, PhoneGap, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS3, iOS Development, Android Development.

EstarBienMujer.com (33Delivered/Independent)

Responsive website developed for Merck Pharmaceutical Company to target women in the women in Mexico. Developed through a strategic partnership with GCI (an advertising agency that specializes in health care). I helped developed the digital strategy and managed the entire execution process from sourcing approved content to the development and ongoing maintenance of the website for several years.

Skills and Technologies Used: Cross-functional Team Leadership, Remote Team Leadership, Project Management, Content Strategy, Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Responsive Web Development, WordPress, Javascript, HTML, CSS3.

Event Network (33Delivered)

When Event Network took over management of retail for the American Museum of Natural History, they reviewed the work done by 33Delivered in the redesign of AMNHShop.com and decided rather than migrate the site to their inferior platform they would hire 33Delivered to provide them with a new platform for managing all of their clients ecommerce sites.   33Delivered provided a multi-site Magento platform that has been used to host dozens of ecommerce sites to date.

Skills and Technologies Used: Cross-functional Team Leadership, Project Management, Responsive Web Development, Web Server Architecture & Deployment, Magento, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Dunkin Donuts / Tyler Seguin Flash Game & Facebook App (33Delivered)

33Delivered was hired by StudioCom to conceptualize, design, and execute an embedded facebook hockey game based on Tyler Seguin and Dunkin Donuts in 4 weeks. We delivered a fantastic, easy to learn and fun to play slapshot game involving Dunkin Donuts “Power Shots”. Success on this project led to several more Facebook app development projects with StudioCom for their various corporate clients.

Skills and Technologies Used: Project Management, User Experience Design, Game Design, Strategic Partnership Development, Facebook App Development, Web Server Architecture and Deployment, Flash / Actionscript, ASP.NET / C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Care Core National (Oxclove Workshop)

Oxclove Workshop developed a complete back-office solution over the course of 2 years of engagement with Care Core National, the largest medical pre-authorization company in the United States.

Skills and Technologies Used: Software Architecture, Systems Architecture, UML, Software Project Management (Scrum), ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, Test Driven Development, Information Architecture, User Experience Design, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, HTML, CSS, Javascript.


Senior Full Stack Developer
Jan 2016 – Current
Platphorm LLC

At Platphorm I am a 100% remote developer working with a world class globally distributed team on the Phrendly project. I have of the pleasure of working with technologies such as Ruby on Rails, ElasticSearch, React, ES6, Vagrant, Docker, Jenkins, and more.

CTO, Co-Founder
Jan 2016 – Current
CEO, Co-Founder
Mar 2012 – Jan 2016
Pictoura LLC
NYC & Kingston NY

Initially hired as a consultant to help define the project, I fell in love with the concept and agreed to come aboard as CEO and build out the team. I raised approximately $1.5M in equity funding over 3.5 years. Responsible for everything from writing the business plan to pitching to investors to leading the development team to bookkeeping. My small team and I have created a number of unique products and content offerings.

Private Consultant
Mar 2012 – Present

I occasionally consult on projects that interest me. I play various roles based on what is needed, whether that’s an information architect, developer, online marketing strategist, or hiring consultant. I solve problems for people and companies, technical or otherwise. I recently completed several web projects with Tom Walker, include consulting and development for Tatyana McFadden, Mark Ulriksen, Andrzej Liguz (More American Dreams project), and several others.

NYC & Kingston NY
Feb 2010 – Feb 2012

33Delivered was a digital marketing, strategy, and development company with clients such as The American Museum of Natural History, Tonner Dolls, Dunkin’ Donuts, Havas Media, and many more. As a Principal at 33Delivered I worked closely with our partners to manage all aspects of the business. I also worked closely with 33’s highest profile clients to ensure the right teams were brought to bear against their needs, and that those teams delivered.

Executive VP, Co-Founder
Dragon Search Marketing
Kingston NY
May 2007 – Feb 2010

As a founding member I was involved with all strategic planning and direction. My primary responsibility within the company was the design, creation, and management of the companies sponsored search division. I was bought out by my partners to pursue 33Delivered full-time.

Oxclove Workshop
Chichester NY & Kingston NY
Oct 1999 – Feb 2010

Oxclove Workshop was a web and software development company. I joined as the first employee and became a partner shortly after. I was responsible for execution of all projects as well as day-to-day management of all staff and operations. Oxclove Workshop was acquired and merged into 33Delivered.

Director of Technology
Bridgeport CT
Apr 1999 – Apr 2000

EnterHQ.com (Enterprise Headquarters Inc) was a dot-com startup offering free and premium e-commerce websites, similar to Yahoo stores or Shopify, but before either product existed. I was responsible for the entire build out of the platform and single handedly wrote most of the code.

Senior Programmer
Ladue Design
Saugerties NY
Oct 1998 – Oct 1999

Senior Programmer, responsible for management and training of programming staff, technical leadership on all projects, DBA, QA, etc…